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abortion clinic in PretoriaWomens Clinic in Mamelodi – Are you looking for an abortion clinic in Pretoria or Abortion in Mamelodi? You are in the right place. We are the leading Womens clinic in Mamelodi and we offer free delivery of pills to our clients within Mamelodi area. Contact us today  +27 71 168 6018 

The abortion clinic in Mamelodi provides excellent private early abortion solutions. We are the private abortion option of Planned Parenthood. We focus on early pregnancy, provide abortion counseling, and review important abortion facts with you. Our approach provides doctors with a safe and private environment with compassion and expert care.

Women’s Clinic in Mamelodi We believe that abortion is a private matter. Like any other medical condition, abortion can also be treated in this way. Abortion, medical abortion, abortion medication, aspiration abortion and spontaneous abortion. Our private abortion doctors have received training on the latest technology and safest abortion methods that most abortion centers cannot provide.


Therefore, our abortion clinic in Mamelodi has more than 8 years of experience in and are recognized as a leader in the field of abortion care. Our service private early abortion solution is in the central abortion clinic, we will secretly arrange the time of each patient, so the waiting time for the doctor is the shortest. In this way, we ensure that we do not have repeated appointments and that the care we provide to each patient is private and confidential.


By treating our patients in this way, we ensure that there are no busy waiting rooms, no overwhelmed staff, and we are able to make an appointment for the office for 1 to 1.5 hours.

Visit our abortion clinic in Johannesburg. We have a team of professional gynecologists and nurses who will treat all customers with unique care and highest respect.


You may be very uncertain whether you are pregnant and whether you want to continue to be pregnant. It may be helpful to talk to your GP, or you can choose to contact our termination clinic immediately.

A counselor, friend, family member or your partner can help you adapt to your choices and help you solve problems. However, getting accurate and clear medical advice may be the key to finding the right answer. Methods of termination of pregnancy

In our Abortion clinic in Mamelodi, patients considering termination of pregnancy have three options: First, a consultation with one of our doctors must be arranged.


abortion clinic in MamelodiAbortion clinic in Mamelodi  Our doctors will discuss your medical history and discuss its risks and benefits. The nurse will draw blood so that we can routinely analyze your blood count and blood type, as well as any blood variations that are unique to you.

We also ask the radiologist to perform an ultrasound examination so that we can determine the date of pregnancy before discussing specific options that can be used to terminate the pregnancy. Recognize that anyone seeking an abortion option needs time and space to consider all alternatives.

We understand that from personal circumstances to medical issues, there may be many reasons why someone decides to terminate a pregnancy.


We want to ensure that nursing staff can make choices and provide support for patients to make final decisions. In addition to health considerations, at Louis Womens clinic in Mamelodi, we can also support the practicality of any procedure.

 Abortion clinic in Mamelodi  Like any other type of medical procedure, we want to ensure that patients understand the expected results. Complications although the pregnancy termination procedure provided by our London clinic is safe, it is important to highlight potential complications in advance. In the initial consultation, our doctor will deal with all risks and make sure you are aware of any potential problems that may occur.

Abortion clinic in Mamelodi  as part of the consultation at our Womens clinic in Mamelodi, we will discuss these precautions with one of our doctors. Our professional and impartial medical team can help you make the best decision for you. After the operation, you will need to rest, drink plenty of water, eat well, and preferably take a few days off. Strenuous exercise, swimming and bathing should be avoided for about 2 weeks.


Womens Clinic in Mamelodi You should not use anything on the vagina for about 2-4 weeks. Don’t have sex during this time. Please wait until you are emotionally prepared before you resume sexual activity. Talk to your partner about how to avoid getting pregnant again. If you feel particularly frustrated or desperate after terminating your pregnancy, please contact us for advice.
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