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Welcome to the Leading Abortion Clinic in Pretoria
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Womens Clinic in Pretoria

We provide abortion services in Pretoria.

We specialize in providing treatment, counseling and support for women considering miscarriage.

Call our 24/7 advice hotline to discuss your options in secret. 24 hours a day. We can provide same-day appointments. Contact us 


Louis Women’s Clinic now offers same-day appointments. In most cases, depending on the level of care you require and the time of the call, the consultant will meet with you the same day.

Call to book your appointment.

Our Commitment

As part of our long-term commitment to providing patients with a high standard of care, we are honored to be registered with the Quality of Care Council under the Standards of Care Act of 2000.

Women’s Clinic in Pretoria

Face -To-Face Consultation at our Women’s Clinic in Pretoria

Womens clinic pretoriaWomen’s Clinic in Pretoria If you are unsure whether an abortion is the right option for you and want to discuss your treatment options with someone, then a face-to-face consultation is ideal. You can visit one of our clinics to discuss your options with a consultant.

When you arrive at the clinic:

  • You will be booked
  • A stomach scan and / or vaginal scan to see how many weeks pregnant you are
  • If you are under 25 years old, you will be provided a free, quick, simple and desirable chlamydia test to take
  • Understand some details personal and medical (all is confidential) and discuss your pregnancy options

Check your blood pressure with a touch of your finger and draw some blood. You can then make an appointment for treatment. Also, you can take some time considering  your  best options. Once decided, you will get our phone number and can contact us at our Womens Clinic in pretoria .


Your decision

Womens clinic pretoriaThere are many reasons why a woman may choose to terminate her pregnancy, no matter why she always chooses to do so. The abortion decision must be made by you, and you must be able to make the decision without feeling pressure or being forced by anyone. Deciding what to do for some people with an unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult and frustrating time. You can discuss the available options with our consultants at our Womens Clinic in pretoria  at any time; contact us through the following methods


I think I’m Pregnant

Could you still have emergency contraception?

If you have had unprotected sex in the past five days, you may need emergency contraception to prevent pregnancy.

Emergency morning-after Pill – there are two types:

Levonelle can be taken 72 hours after unprotected sex

EllaOne can be taken 5 days after unprotected sex

IUD (coil) can be inserted:

Up to 5 days after unprotected sex

Could you be pregnant?

Yes, but make sure … Don’t ignore it, wait for it to go away. Take a pregnancy test. If you missed it or have a late stage or experience these symptoms, take a pregnancy test that you can do at our Womens Clinic in pretoria .

Symptoms of pregnancy

Missed period
2.  Tender or swollen breasts
3. Feeling or being sick (anytime of the day)
4. Altered sense of taste or smell
5. Tiredness
6. Needing to urinate (wee) more often

You can also buy home pregnancy test kits at most grocery stores and drug stores. If you do it yourself, strictly follow the instructions for accurate results.

Abortion Clinic in Pretoria


Womens clinic pretoriaAbortion Clinic in Pretoria If your pregnancy is unplanned then finding out that you are pregnant can be a very scary and confusing time, try discussing it with your partner. If this is not possible, try to enlist the support of your parents, relatives, or trusted adults. If you don’t have anyone to talk to, you can call us or visit your family doctor, nurse, local contraceptive and sexual health service, or Brooke and other specialty services.


Womens Clinic in Pretoria  It is important to look at all the options and understand what each one means to you before you look for an abortion clinic in Pretoria. Only you can decide what to do and you should not feel obligated to make any decisions … Regardless of the decision you make, it must be the right decision for you and your situation.

The choices you have are:                     

Continue with the pregnancy and keep the baby.

Have an abortion.

Abortion Clinic in Pretoria


 Womens Clinic in Pretoria  This option allows you to come to the clinic for consultation and evaluation, and if applicable, you can choose to receive same-day treatment. None of our clinics offer this option.

Women’s Clinic in Pretoria If you are pregnant and are considering terminating the pregnancy, you should seek the best help. It is important to remember that the choice of how to proceed is ultimately up to you.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy can have many reasons and no two situations are the same. The most common reasons why women seek a miscarriage are anxiety and depression caused by an unplanned pregnancy and the discovery of fetal abnormalities after 12 weeks of pregnancy. In any case, abortion is a challenging experience for women.

Through our rich experience in helping women during this time, we will do our best to make this process exceed expectations smoothly.

What is a medical abortion?

Medical Abortion in Pretoria

womens clinic in pretoria is open for women seeking a first trimester Abortion between 6 and 10 weeks of pregnancy, there is an option for medical termination of pregnancy, which includes taking tablets that cause uterine contractions, which can cause miscarriage without surgery.

This is similar to what happens in an early miscarriage. Many women prefer this option because it is a non-surgical and non-invasive procedure.

What is involved in an early medical abortion?

Womens Clinic in Pretoria  Before an early Abortion begins, you will receive a comprehensive consultation from an expert consultant at Louis Women’s Clinic in Pretoria. We will discuss your termination plan secretly and sympathetically with you.

Medical termination in Pretoria itself involves taking two types of medications at the same time or 24-48 hours apart. After taking the initial tablet, you can go home and resume your daily activities. In fact, generally, when women wait for the second stage of treatment, they hardly see any side effects. A small number of women experience mild cramps and light bleeding, but most women do not. (In rare cases, if you experience severe pain or heavy bleeding, please contact us immediately through our 24-hour support hotline.)

Within 1/2 to 3 hours after the second treatment, you will feel pain and bleeding due to the occurrence of a miscarriage. At this time, it is best to rest at home. We will provide you with pain relievers and antibiotics.

Abortion Clinic in Pretoria ,we have developed a wide range of support procedures for women undergoing medical abortions, including a 24-hour support hotline for any issues.

our abortion clinic in Pretoria is the leading womens  Womens clinic in pretoria offering Tremination of Pregnancy  Services i Tshwane. Book Our services. we deliver Pills to you wherever you are .

Why choose us

Professional choice

Quality control

The first pill you take works by blocking progesterone, an essential pregnancy hormone, which makes the endometrium suitable for a fertilized egg.

The second pill stimulates uterine contractions. After taking it, the endometrium ruptures and is released through the vagina with pregnancy. The abortion process is usually completed within 48 hours, but bleeding can last up to 2 weeks.

Medical abortion is considered a very safe intervention, which is why many patients and doctors are in favor of medical abortion. Compared to surgical abortion, it is more cost-effective and less invasive.

However, like almost all medical procedures, medical termination is not for everyone. For example, you are not considered an ideal candidate for medical abortion in the following situations:

Possible ectopic pregnancy

Anaemia with haemoglobin less than 10 Gm.

Are taking anti-corticosteroids on a long-term basis

Suffer with adrenal failure.

Have porphyria or a haemorrhagic disease,  are taking anti-coagulant medication

Suffers from uncontrolled asthma.

Have an insufficiently controlled inflammatory bowel condition.

At Louis Women’s clinic in Pretoria, We do everything possible to ensure that all of our patients are considered suitable candidates for any forward-thinking medical procedure. Before taking medication to terminate the pregnancy as soon as possible, an expert consultant will provide a comprehensive consultation to make sure the process is right for you.

As one of South Africa’s leading women’s Clinic we take aftercare very seriously.

If you feel excessive pain or abnormal bleeding at any time during the recovery period, or have any abnormal symptoms, we will be there to help you at any time.

We recommend that you follow up with a special low sensitivity pregnancy test that we will perform at home in two weeks. The proof is very easy to read, but if you have any questions, you can email the photos to us for verification. If the operation fails or tissue remains in extremely unlikely circumstances, we will work with the most advanced medical equipment and leading gynecology experts to solve the problem.

Medical abortion is considered a very safe method and has almost no associated risks or side effects. In fact, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that, statistically speaking, abortion is medically safer than continued pregnancy. Additionally, there is evidence that medical abortion is the safest way to terminate an early pregnancy. The procedure does not require anesthesia and is not surgical or invasive. For these reasons, many women and doctors like it.

There is no evidence that a simple abortion affects your future fertility or your overall health.

However, any treatment involves at least a small risk of complications and other side effects.

The hormones used for medical abortion can cause nausea and diarrhea. Also, there are very small risks associated with medical abortion:


Pelvic or uterine infection

Unrecognised ectopic pregnancy

Here at Louis Women’s Clinic, we pride ourselves on rigorously safeguarding your health. At all times throughout medical abortion we are on hand 24 hours a day through a special support line, should you require assistance, advice or support.

The Louis Women’s Clinic Medical Abortion Service is a package of services for women that can guide you from consultation to recovery. We spare no effort in the medical check-up before the intervention, and then we provide patients with advanced ultrasound examinations to make sure that the process goes according to plan.

We are proud to achieve a medical abortion success rate of up to 96%. Our decades of experience in gynecological care allow us to not only provide the highest quality healthcare services, but also to provide the best support during this difficult period.

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